Toddler friendly cleaning chores

Tips on how to involve your toddler in cleaning

Toddler friendly cleaning chores

Hello mama’s & papa’s today I have a special treat for you guys as we share tips on toddler friendly chores for our little ones. It’s never too late to implement these kinds of skills into our little sponges. I want to introduce you to our Guest Blogger Olivia Sykes. Olivia owns a small cleaning company in London. She is also a writer. Most of her articles are related to cleaning, but she also writes about DIY home projects and green living. Enjoy the article & make sure to show some love to our guest blogger below in the comments section of the blog!


Being tidy is a thing you can teach your children in their very early age. Of course you can’t expect them to do cleaning chores the same way you would do it but it is important to set an example while it is not too late. If they are big enough to play, they are big enough to put their toys back to the place they were before the game. This is the first thing they need to learn if you don’t want after certain period of time you to be the only one doing all the cleaning chores in the house. 

Second chore appropriate for toddlers is help with the family pet – feed it and walk it if it’s well-trained. Looking after another living creature will teach them to take responsibility.

For those of you who don’t have a pet, you can water the plants together. It must be done together because toddlers don’t know how much water the plant needs. But it will be nice for them to know that they help the plant to live and raise. It is an example of how we create life and put effort to keep it.

Toddlers can also put the dirty clothes away. Show and explain them why clean and dirty clothes need to be separated and after that just watch if it is done the same way. Usually it is easy because this chore doesn’t require any striving.

Wipe up mess and spills. You can start with teaching them to clean up the mess they do. Teach your children that it is nobody’s but their duty to clean after themselves. After week or two make this a regular activity and tell them how important it is for you to share the cleaning chores and help each other.

Pile books. At this age it will be difficult to pile by letters but they can pile by size or colour.

Assist in doing their bed. Before doing it you can play something, for example hiding under the blanket or imitating a ghost with the sheets. And after the amusing program ask the kids for help to do the bed.

Assist in setting up the table. However young, it is not hard for them to put napkins, spoons, forks and small dishes on the table. After finishing the meal you can wash the dishes together.

Assist in dish-washing. They can arrange the clean dishes or to pass by the dirty ones. It is up to you which part of the chore the toddler will be involved in & saying from dedicated cleaning team.

Dust with socks on their hands. A lot of parents claim that it looks like a game for the small ones. It is interesting how something as boring as dusting can be fun. You can make it even more fun if you put socks on your own hands and play muppet show. It will look more like a game which develops creativity rather than a cleaning task.

The key of raising tidy children is to start doing everything together. Show them that you actually need their help. It is of great importance that you are not very demanding. Frustration is not preferable when you’re trying to teach your kid good manners. Don’t ask from your children to do these things every time you do it. Some of the examples given above you can do two or three times a week. Involving your toddler in the things you’re doing helps them to socialize and feel more like part of the family. It is not only time to clean, but also time to spend time together which is crucial for attaining a strong relationship with your children.

Hope you guys enjoyed this article & if you are in need of more cleaning tips you can check out my article on Green Clean Your Home for the Baby’s Arrival

Next up on MomEtc is something for all the Beauty lovers out there, so make sure to keep an eye out for my next post. Have a great Friday!

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