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Second pregnancy; night & day in comparison!

Second pregnancy; night & day in comparison!

Second pregnancy night & day  in comparison

Second pregnancy; night & day in comparison!

What a crazy whirlwind it has been the last few months. For those of you guys who aren’t following me on IG (you can by clicking here) we are expecting another baby in April! Talk about a huge surprise! Although I have to say that its not like we were doing anything NOT to get pregnant, we were defiantly “winging” it… until we winged it no more.. HA!

Since end of summer of 2015 I kept saying or I guess as my husband says “been putting it into the universe” that I wouldn’t mind having another baby and a brother or sister for Avery at the end of summer 2016.. I said it to strangers when they asked, I said it to my family and friends… I said it secretly to myself.. So in a way I guess you can say that I’ve been putting this out into the universe for about a year now not really beliving (at the time) that the universe was really listening. Well it was. Living proof. I also kept saying its not the right time we are moving to France, its not the right time I want to enjoy my summer (and Rosé) 😉 Trying to push it further and further until I was “ready” again.. I learned that you can only plan or in our case “unplan” (not even a word) so much right?

I remember when I first started feeling like complete poo and it was right around the time I was going to Spain to be reunited with my long time friends from the US. I was feeling beyond awful, but I was telling myself that there is no way I am missing this trip & seeing them. So I sucked it up, made excuses for feeling so lousy from being run down to maybe catching a cold to being sad about not being in the US anymore and the list went on. A few times a thought passed through my mind that maybe just maybe I was pregnant, but then I though to myself… “There is no way, since I came back from visiting the US my husband and I have been so busy with entertaining family and friends, we barely had time for that special time”… I pushed the thought to the back of my head denying the possibility and took the trip to see my friends.. The trip itself was amazing in terms of being reunited, but feeling wise it was excruciating & not being able to keep my eyes open or my wine down. But I pushed myself for the few days I was there and made the best of it. When I came back to France in my mind instinctively I “knew” I was pregnant.. But I was still making excuses to be able to enjoy St. Tropez with my husband the following week, a trip that we have been planning all summer for just the two of us  (which we went, cut the trip short and came home because of my severe morning sickness).

Well the verdict was in & we had an ultrasound to prove it. I was a little over 5 weeks and well into feeling every part of early pregnancy. Which brings me to why I am even writing this post. The difference between my last pregnancy and this one has been night and day! With my first I was feeling sick up to 7/8 weeks but it was bearable and I was able to take walks with the dog and so on. Even throw in a workout here & there. This time around I felt like I was in a UFC fight & being knocked down everyday no matter how hard I tried to get up and be a part of society. So below are a few of the points and huge differences between 1st and 2nd pregnancy;

Major Morning Sickeness

First time around lasted till about 7th/8th week, second time around it lasted up till about 11th/12th week for it to be completely gone. I never actually threw up with either one, but it was more like the feeling you have when you are on a boat and you get motion sickness… ALL THE TIME day & night. It got to the point where I would be laying in bed for hours in hopes that the rocking feeling would go away.

Food Aversions 

The thought, sight and smell of meat, mostly chicken made me want to run for the hills (same thing happened with the 1st pregnancy but not as long I am just now at almost 15 weeks able to eat meat). Salad stuff which I LOVE I still haven’t been able to munch on. I actually ended up loosing weight up until I was about 12 weeks because of the limited amount of foods that I was able to eat and not get nauseas just by looking at them. Thankfully now it has started to pass & my normal eating habits are slowly returning to normal (ish)!

Severe Headaches/ Migraines

For many days I would shut the curtains and lay down with the blanket over my head while this pounding, throbbing headache would take a toll on me in every way possible. It was exhausting battling it & finally went to the doctor terrified that there was something wrong with me. She prescribed me Paracetamol & told me to rest.. Which is all I was able to do. So I did what she advised in hopes that this passed quick. It took weeks for it go away & I stopped taking the Paracetamol because I was scared something would happen to the baby. Eventually the headaches went away at around 10 weeks.

Extreme Fatigue

I have never experienced anything like this in my life. Not even being pregnant last time. It felt like my body was shutting down and the need for laying down or sitting down became the only thing on my mind. My husband was able to see it happening too. It was as if the lights were shutting off inside me. I couldn’t control it or understand what was happening I just knew I had to lay down and close my eyes & wait for it to pass. Now I am currently at 15 weeks and the tiredness hits me around 1/2pm not every day, but when it happens I listen to my body and lay down and nap while my toddler naps which has been awesome & a huge relief.

Aches & Pains

This goes for back pain & stomach ache (uterus expanding). Once again I didn’t experience this with Avery. The back pain, yes sure towards the end of my pregnancy but not this early on. It’s something that has lasted for almost the whole time since I found out I was pregnant. The stomach ache has been awful and that started about a  week ago. I was told & read that second pregnancy is worse for some reason when it comes to this kind of cramping/stomach pain. It comes and goes, and of course its worrisome. When it first started I kept looking for blood making sure its not a miscarriage (although after you enter the second trimester the chances of having a miscarriage go way down). Thankfully it has been just that, growing pains that come and go and today they are non existent, lets see what tomorrow brings though? ha

Lack of Social Stamina 

This one is a weird one for me, because if you happen to know me personally you would know that I am a very social person and love being around other people. Until this pregnancy hit me… I became like a hibernating bear getting ready for winter! Maybe its the change in where I live now & not having close friends near by or I have really become socially challenged! Either way I am hoping this passes soon & I am able to resume normal (ish) activities… and if not I apologize to everyone in advance for being MIA & see you after April! ha 🙂

I could probably go on and on about more things that have been tough to deal with but I will spare you in case you ever want to have kids! ha It has been a tough few months I must admit. I also need to mention that one of the biggest differences this time around is actually already having a child to care for already. Toddlers don’t care that mommy is feeling sick & not well, they want attention, need to be fed & entertained. I have tried to explain to her sometimes that mommy isn’t feeling well, and have bribed her to come cuddle with me while watching Peppa Pig. At the same time, I felt bad & guilty for sticking my kid in front of the TV so I can lay in bed in a fetal position. But I hit survival mode. As a mother I had to do what I had to do to get thorough this difficult time while still trying to be a good mommy to Avery. This type of difficult pregnancy is also tough on your partner as well. We as women who are in the trenches with our pregnancy symptoms and needy toddler(s) tend to sometimes forget our husbands & sometimes use them as our punching bag when it feels like the world is ending. I am definitely guilty of that. The hormones, the sickness, the never ending need to tend to the first born all while trying to keep your head above water is TOUGH. It has been a trying time for me as a woman, wife & mother. It has been challenging on all fronts.

Now let me get to the light at the end of the tunnel. It does pass. It gets better. The symptoms ease up. You hear the heartbeat and you realize that you are about to bring on another life into this world and all the struggles for the last few months have been there to prepare you for the big day; labor & being a mommy of not one but two little humans that love you unconditionally. I was able to get past the hardest part of this pregnancy(lets hope) and now being shy of a few days away from being 4 months pregnant I am feeling much better. The headaches are gone, the fatigue is still there but its not as extreme and I think thats just my new reality ha! The aches and pains are bearable & I am able to function among humans once more.

I am glad I was able to share my second pregnancy story with you guys, I am hopeful that my story helps all the mamas out there who are going through a similar experience. My advice to you is, don’t beat yourself up about it, do what you can & remember that this too shall pass.. The weeks will fly by and before you know it your family will be a +1. Happy pregnancy my lovelies & stay tuned for more posts to come your way now that my toddler is in school 3 mornings a week! (WOOHOO!) Yes that is me doing back flips(sort of) out of happiness. Have a great day <3


Monika Tournaud


  1. Ginette 11/02/2016

    Hey Monika,

    I know exactly where you’re coming from! Same here. I’m now in my 8th month of pregnancy and feeling like I’m in my last days before Labor. I had problems with sickness until the 5th and was feeling like a truck run me over. But there is this little toddler on my side who wants to play with mommy, so I tried my best. Hoping it will go over soon. Thank god right now I’m feeling good so far but still not as energetic as in my first pregnancy.
    The first pregnancy with my son was like a nice beach walk. I was very active, fit and so full of energy. No comparison to this one now, sadly. So I’m more looking forward to have my babygirl in my arms than in my belly .
    So keep up, thinks will pass, you will have good and not so good days but in the end there is this little one looking at you with its eyes full of love.
    Greetings from Germany

    1. Monika Tournaud
      Monika Tournaud 11/03/2016

      Thank you so much for sharing your story & congrats on your second pregnancy! You are almost there (SO JEALOUS!) It is so good to hear that there are other mamas out there who are experiencing the same things round two. I will be 4 month this week and I am still trying to drag myself to go and work out (with my first I felt like I was an energizer bunny, never stopped)… but I guess there is still time and in the meantime its good to try and enjoy our first born right? I too am excited to be done with pregnancy and holding the newest addition in my arms. Keep up the great work mama, make sure to tag me on IG with some of your preggo pics!

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