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Review & Giveaway! Dr.Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil & One Love Organics Vitamin D Mist!CLOSED

Review & Giveaway! Dr.Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil & One Love Organics Vitamin D Mist!CLOSED

Partnered up with EcoDiva to bring you an international Giveaway!

Review & Giveaway! Dr.Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil & One Love Organics Vitamin D Mist!

Hello lovelies! I have partnered up with EcoDivaBeauty & today as you can tell from the title of the article I am doing an international GIVEAWAY & a review of these products. By entering the giveaway you have the chance at winning BOTH of these goodies!

As most of you know I am currently living in France and the climate here can be pretty brutal. The weather changes from day to day and my skin is not used to this kind of change (California girl here!). So unfortunately my skin freaks out quite often due to that as well as the lovely pregnancy hormones that have taken over my body & mood swings! Add all that up together & you’ve got yourself dry flaky skin that is very hard to get rid of.

I received these products to try beginning of this year, so I’ve had sometime to put them into my daily repertoire and let me tell you they have done wonders. Right around January I was having these weird patchy dry skin chunks above my eye brows that would not go away no matter what I did. A few days of treatment with these two products and miraculously they went away.. So below are my thoughts on these products, ingredients & areas that I like to use them on and how often.

One Love Organics Vitamin D Mist: This is a good one to start with because as directed you are supposed to use this right after you cleanse on fresh skin and follow it up with serums, creams and so on. This mist smells so yummy & really gives you the feeling of just having a facial after cleansing. Part lightweight moisturizer, part toner, this botanical mist infuses skin with emollient oils and Vitamin E via a delayed time-release delivery system for long-lasting hydration and unparalleled efficacy. Shiitake mushroom, a natural source of Vitamin D, helps tone and balance while antioxidant-rich alpine rose helps to protect against environmental stressors and elemental dryness. I tend to use this mist mostly in the mornings, but sometimes midday especially if I am going bare face all day & want a little extra hydration without slapping on a thick moisturizer. Before use, shake well, spritz all over face ( I tend to do about 2-3 sprays) make sure to get the neck area as well. I let the mist absorb into my skin on its own & follow it up with a serum/Vitamin C/moisturizer. Whats funny is my daughter sees me doing this in the morning and insists on getting in on the action as well! HA So of course I give her a little spritz and she loves it too 🙂 The price tag on this mist is not bad at all, for $39 bucks you get 2oz which lasts forever & its organic! You can buy it directly from EcoDivaBeauty here!

Dr.Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil: Next up is this luxurious oil that I have literally been using everywhere! ha ha It smells very nice, the consistency is not too thick. As the brand states you can use this on your hair, face & body. I have used it on my face mostly at night when my skin needs a little more loving’ right after cleansing. Because it is an oil I try and let it absorb into my skin before I hit the pillow to avoid rubbing off the product. I have also been using it quite frequently on my growing baby bump to avoid stretch marks – about 3-4 pumps & massaging it in in a circular motion until absorbed. I also do a little on my breasts & butt if I am getting out of the shower before bed for a little extra hydration in those areas as they can also get stretch marks during pregnancy. Haven’t used it on my hair, just because I feel like its a little too thick for my locks, so I’ve been sticking to my other hair oils that have a little different consistency (more on my fave hair products in future posts!). What’s cool about this brand is that it’s organic as well. Formulated as a therapeutic raw health food for the skin, the Dr. Alkaitis products are results oriented, holistic organic skin treatments. They are edible and easily absorbed by the skin and each product is its own living, targeted delivery system. Dr. Alkaitis’ formulations are guided by the perspective that each individual’s skin is a complete organ and their products therefore help to bring your skin into a healthy balance that is unique to you. Some of the ingredients are: Virgin Cold Pressed Organic Oils (Organic Jojoba*, St. John’s Wort* and Andean Mountain Rose Hip Seed* Oils), the following organic and wild-crafted herbals are blended: Indian Madderº, Country Sarsaparillaº, Amazon Root*, Liquorice*, Country Mallowº, Turmeric*, China Rootº, Costusº, White Sandalwoodº. Cuscus Grassº, Olive*, Eagle Woodº, Nut Grassº, Bermuda Grassº, Ashwagandhaº, Natural Vitamin E Complex (D-Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Tocopherols), 100% Pure Essential Oils (* Signifies certified organically grown; º Signifies ethically wild-crafted) The price tag of this oil for a bottle of 120ML is $90 bucks and you can buy it directly from EcoDivaBeauty here!

So ladies now that you have the gist of what these products can do, I am inviting you & your friends for a chance to win these goodies & here is how:

*Follow me Instagram @MonikaTournuad & @EcoDivaBeauty 

*Tag a friend who would like this giveaway

*For extra chances to win on Instagram comment on the actual giveaway post why you would like to try these!

*For extra chances to win & enter comment below & tell us why you would like to try these products! 

This Giveaway is open internationally beginning today February 27th and ending next Monday March 6th at midnight Paris time! Winner will be chosen randomly & informed the 7th of March! Good luck!

Monika Tournaud


  1. karin s 02/27/2017

    I’d love to try these products because I love organic skincare products!

    1. Monika Tournaud
      Monika Tournaud 03/03/2017

      Thats great to hear, thank you for entering the giveaway! Also I will be doing another organic skincare giveaway in the next week or two, so please make sure to keep an eye out for that as well. Good luck!

  2. Hailey 02/28/2017

    I’m always looking for good products that my skin loves 🙂

    1. Monika Tournaud
      Monika Tournaud 03/03/2017

      Thank you for entering! Will announce winner next Tuesday 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Jesse 02/28/2017

    I live in manitoba (canada brrr) and my skin tends to get a crazy in the spring because its sensitive, when the humidity in the air changes i get both break outs and dry flakyness all at once. I think the mist with vit d would make a great addition to my cleansing routine and the treatment oil sounds great for dry patches on my face and body. These organic products would be great for my dry, sensitive skin to help it transition peacefully into spring. Thanks!

    1. Monika Tournaud
      Monika Tournaud 03/03/2017

      I couldn’t agree more, these are perfect for brutal cold winter weather! Thanks so much for entering the giveaway & good luck!

  4. lina_loves_green 02/28/2017

    I’d love to try these, because I’ve been listening to green YouTubers rave about the Vitamin D Mist forever and my skin urgently needs hydration. Now that I’ve read what you write about the oil I’d really love to try that too. A rich oil sounds perfect for my dry skin.

    1. Monika Tournaud
      Monika Tournaud 03/03/2017

      These two together are genius! AND the oil is perfect for all over the body especially in these colder winter months! Thanks so much for entering the giveaway- also I will be doing another organic skincare line giveaway in the next week or two 😉 Good luck!

  5. Iana Arsenii 02/28/2017

    I’ve been recently more and more of what I put on my face, organic and natural products are my new path, that has actually been giving me the results I never expected! I would love these products to become my partners down this new way for me and be accomplices to a better skin that will love me back! 🍀💜💚💙

    1. Monika Tournaud
      Monika Tournaud 03/03/2017

      That is great to hear & thank you for entering the giveaway! Crossing my fingers for you! As a side note I will be doing another organic skincare giveaway in the next week or two as well! 🙂

  6. Terilee Stavros-Domagala 02/28/2017

    Love, Love that you are venturing into trying and reviewing organic skincare! I have not tried either of these products, but in general I am thrilled with the efficacy of quality mists and oils…..I am all about oils!

    1. Monika Tournaud
      Monika Tournaud 03/03/2017

      Been LOVING oils lately especially in this climate! Love these two together! I will be doing another organic skincare giveaway next week or the week after that, so stay tuned 😉

  7. Chasa Fulkerson 02/28/2017

    Followed you both on Instagram and tagged a friend! I would love to win this because I do not have a face regimen yet! Women talk about how important skin care is, but I haven’t really started yet.

    1. Monika Tournaud
      Monika Tournaud 03/03/2017

      Great, thank you for entering the giveaway! Yes a great skincare regimen is very important & definitely pays off in years to come 🙂

    1. Monika Tournaud
      Monika Tournaud 03/03/2017

      What kind of brands do you usually use? Thanks for entering the giveaway!

  8. Nadalie 03/01/2017

    Ohh, I’m usually not one for entering contests, but these seem DELIGHTFUL!

    Hope I win,

    *fingers crossed*


  9. Bilqees Bano 03/01/2017

    I would like to try these because I want to pamper myself.
    My IG : @billano_kawaii

  10. Susan Highland 03/01/2017

    Thanks for the great review. Makes me want to try all the products. I would love to win because my skin needs help!

  11. Ashley 03/02/2017

    Awesome giveaway!! I love OLO products and haven’t tried the vitamin d mist, but its definitely been on my radar! Dr. Alkaitis also looks so phenomenal. I haven’t tried any of their products yet, but would love to!

  12. Joyce 03/04/2017

    I would love love to win this product ! After reading more about what you wrote about these products, the more excited I am to try them especially because I am currently on my week 12 pregnancy. Would love to see how these will benefit future stretch marks. Thanks Monika for your continued inspiration !

    1. Monika Tournaud
      Monika Tournaud 03/05/2017

      First let me say congrats on your pregnancy, how exciting!!! Second thank you for entering the giveaway 🙂 Interestingly enough I will be doing a whole new post on anti stretch mark regimes that I have recently discovered and LOVED (and at over 34 weeks still not one stretch mark, fingers crossed!) Lastly I will be doing another skincare giveaway in the next week or so, so please make sure to tune in then as well! Good luck!

  13. Priscila 03/04/2017

    The reason I would love to try these is because I’m huge in trying new products! Especially Organic!!!! I have seen the wonders of what difference organic can do and i would love to see how these work on me and share on instagram with friend and family! 💜💜💜

    1. Monika Tournaud
      Monika Tournaud 03/05/2017

      Thank you for entering the giveaway! Fingers crossed! And yes organic is the way to go, although I have to say that I mix it up with some pretty potent stuff + organic products whenever I can 🙂 Also make sure to stay tuned for my next give away that will take place in the next week or so, also organic brand!

  14. Jolene Johnson 03/05/2017

    Omg, the mist sounds amazing! I am sort of a mist addict, haha, so I love trying new ones. The treatment oil sounds like it’s super luxurious and I’ve been into oils more this past winter. My skin just loves them, and my curls thrive on them! Thank you so much for the chance to win these, I’ve been wanting to try OLO for ages! I’m jolenej1030 on IG. 😊

    1. Monika Tournaud
      Monika Tournaud 03/05/2017

      Thanks for entering the giveaway! The mist is amazing, I use it so often. And if you’ve seen my video my daughter loves it too haha (but shhhh don’t tell her Ive been spraying her with mineral water lol!) Winter can be so brutal for the skin not just the face but the body too. Stay tuned for move yummy giveaways in the coming weeks!

  15. Liliana Neves 04/02/2017

    Who won?

    1. Monika Tournaud
      Monika Tournaud 06/13/2017

      Hello! I announced the winner on my Instagram account a while back 🙂 However I about to do another giveaway in the next few days which I hope you will participate in!

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