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Monika Tournaud, Recruiting Consultant, Full Time Mommy & Blogger @

Heather Nicole's Corner

Pilates Platinum is excited to share with you. Written by self proclaimed Pilates addict Monika Tournaud, a regular at our studios, who kept fit during her pregnancy by regularly doing spx Pilates, biking, walking, or whatever kept her moving.

FITaly Mom

I’ve had so many requests the last few months to share my findings about baby schedules and what worked for me, so here it is! I love writing about this because I felt that when I was expecting I had a hard time finding articles on this or straightforward solutions. Most of the stuff I found was on Baby Center and it was dated back to 2009. So I decided to do research the old school way by reading various books on schedules and what to do when this little bundle arrives.

MyFitnessJourney Challenge

16 Tips on How to Start Your Own Blog–& Be Successful

How does one create a blog that becomes successful? Doesn’t it seem these days that everywhere you look a new blog pops up–the topics are endless, a constant flow of information? So how do you choose which ones you read and which ones you pass on?

The Shriver Spotlight: Stories Worth Seeing and Sharing

This week the Shriver Spotlight shines on financially successful blogger Monika Tournaud. Right after giving birth to her first child, and still working as the COO of a recruiting company...

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