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Potty training your toddler in 72 hours with these few steps!

Potty training your toddler in 72 hours with these few steps!

If you are looking to potty train your toddler, look no further - tips on how to succeed!

Potty training your toddler in 72 hours with these few steps!

Hi mamas! I have been meaning to write this post for quite sometime but I was a bit under the weather the last few months with the pregnancy & a flu epidemic here in France. OY to say the least! But I am back on my feet & have been working away to get more and more content out per your request!

Before I get into the actual process of potty training I want to point out that this is what worked for me and my toddler & that it may not work for everyone.  Also as a side note in order to give your child the potential to succeed at this make sure to set aside THREE FULL DAYS. By three full days I mean you basically dont leave your house for 3 days while you try to attempt this. If you are a stay at home mom try to do it when you have the most patience & are in a good mood ha! .. for the working mama unfortunately you may have to wait until a long weekend to tackle this in order for it to really stick…Joy right? After working a long week you will be cleaning up poo and pee and trying not to rip your hair out.. But let me tell you, its worth “ripping off the bandaid” and doing it. Pour yourself a nice big glass of wine as reward & trust me you will need it! Goodbye crap diapers, hello normal little humans who can potty on their own and wipe their own butts 🙂 Before you begin the process make sure you are stocked up on underwear as there will lots of accidents in the beginning!

The big question is “When will I know when my toddler is ready to be potty trained?” I can’t speak for everyone but this is how I knew that it was time to start thinking about it.  Right after my daughter turned 2 she started to take off her diaper during naps & in the mornings when I would go and get her from her crib. It would get to the point where it didn’t matter wether there was pee or poo galore, she would take it off and throw it outside of her crib… You can imagine the ridiculous mess that ended up becoming especially when there is poop involved! Yuck. Well it didn’t stop there… She went from that to RIPPING up the diapers into tiny pieces THEN throwing it out of her crib.. few weeks/months of this it was time to bite the bullet & begin potty training otherwise I was going to loose it & the constant mess of the diapers was getting to me.. lol! I was literally covered in shit all day everyday.. felt like I went back in time to when she was a newborn.. except back then it was cute, now not so much…

Below are the steps I took to potty train Avery in just 3 short days we started the process at 2 years and 3 months:

*Day 1

First thing in the morning when your little one wakes up dress them as you usually would except no diaper put on underwear & explain to them that they are big kids and you are going to go potty together. Sit down on the toilet yourself & sit them down on their trainer potty across from you so they feel comfortable & watch what you do. Do your business, ask them to pee pee in the potty… the first time we sat down in the morning this did not work and she refused to go, which is fine I showed her how to wipe her pee pee throw the paper in toilet, flush wash hands…

The first day you want to make sure to sit them down on the toilet about every 15 -20 minutes. When they finally do go pee pee for the first time the face they make is priceless! I ended up clapping for her like a crazy person & yelling yay!!! I had bought some small little French candy and every time she went into the toilet she got a small little treat. Throughout the day she had a few accidents, no poop. Nap time the diaper goes back on. After they wake up from a nap the “routine” & “process” of every 15-20 minutes begins all over again. Reward them with either some stickers or in my case since I have a little piggy for a child I used M&M like candies (plus what kid doesn’t like chocolate!). Mind you they might not want to sit down at first, especially that often so make sure not to force it, just try again in another 15 minutes or so. Make sure to ask them very often if they need to pee or poo that way they get used to the idea.

Rule of thumb is if you are trying to potty train make sure not to give your little one something to drink right before bed. Time it wisely otherwise its a bad habit to break in the future when you try to take the diaper off for night time. So before going to bed that night after their nightly routine make sure they go pee pee one last time, put diaper on and night night 🙂

*Day 2

It pretty much looks the same as day 1, hate to break it to ya but the second day was worse for us. Reason? Well she understood what was what & the routine, but she accidentally did poo in the toilet for the first time and lost her marbles. I mean tears, surprise, crying, laughing.. the whole thing. It was funny to watch because of all the different emotions that were going on! The reason I say day 2 was tougher was that because she now saw her poo & saw that it “comes out of her” and wasn’t really sure how to feel about i! LOL So naturally that day she not only wet herself a few times, but pooped her pants twice… as gross as it was I explained to her that its very yucky that she did that & that she’s a big girl and that mama asked her if she needed to go & she needs to tell me when she does..For some reason it worked when I said to her that only yucky girls go in their underwear! ha
Seems she got the hang of it..Rest of the day was pretty uneventful and we continued with the routine until she went to bed. Rewarding good behavior along the way.

*Day 3

This day was the BEST day of them all. Things went smoothly.. We continued our daily routine as describes on day 1. At that point though she would say she needs to pee pee and we would go and nothing would happen, but I explained to her to only sit on the potty if she had to go not to “fib” haha! On this day she had no accidents, pooped in the potty & all was well again!

You are probably asking yourself now, well that sounds easy enough, does it mean they are going to be potty trained starting day 4 and we should toss out the diapers? No. Accidents will happen and things take time.. On day 4 and going forward we no longer sat her down on the toilet every 15-20 minutes, rather we asked her if she needed to go or not still pretty often. Nap times, car rides and bed time still put on the diaper UNLESS: when you pick up your toddler from nap or bedtime their diapers are dry ish… otherwise they are not ready for that just yet… Accidents will still happen after the 3rd day from time to time but if you are tedious about it & make sure you dont go back to diapers during normal hours of the day when they are not sleeping or in car things should only improve from there. Again whatever you do DONT go back to putting on diapers. The potty training will be a waste of time at that point & only confuse your little one.. Once you decide to do it, stick to it no matter what 🙂 Also what I have noticed when they do wet themselves they hate it more than you do, so less and less accidents end up happening eventually…

Fast forward now to now my daughter being 2 years and 7 months old—–> She wears undies and does poo and pee in the toilet, wipes her pee pee hasn’t mastered the butt haha, washes her hands, flushes the toilet, pulls up her undies & pants, lets us know when she needs to go. We have even gotten to the point where she tell one of us she needs to go and if we are in the middle of something one of us will tell her to go pee pee and she does the whole bathroom routine on her own (minus the hand washing).  Nap time & bedtime she is still in diapers but I have started to notice that she is wetting herself less and less so I will keep an eye on that for the time being. Car rides we have mastered without diapers most of the time, but make sure to ask them before you attempt no diaper in car if they need to go, so far we havent had an accident in the car, yay! She also goes to a creche/pre school M-F 9am-4:30 everyday and she is diaper-less the whole time there unless she ends up taking a nap….

So as you can see its VERY much worth it in every aspect… Although now that I am technically out of diapers I am soon  going to be back in diapers with the new baby coming in April & here we go again! ha! Just when you think you are out of the woods.. boom lol!

I hope this was helpful to some mamas out there who are attempting to potty train their little ones! Take a deep breath when you get frustrated from cleaning up the mess & know that this will pass and things will get better very soon! Just remember don’t give up & dont retract to using diapers again.. If you have any questions on anything in this article or I didn’t cover something please send me an email or comment in the section below I will be happy to help! Have a great rest of the week ladies & keep on rocking that mom life 🙂





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