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Pilates Platinum blog article featuring Fit Pregnancy with MomEtc!

Pilates Platinum blog article featuring Fit Pregnancy with MomEtc!

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Fit Pregnancy

Morning & happy Friday! So thrilled to be sharing with you an interview that Pilates Platinum did on me this week on Fit Pregnancy & Fit Postpartum! This studio has been the ultimate start to my Pilates/Fitness journey that started some 4+ years ago. One of the very first classes I took was actually at the the Hollywood location & fell in love with the “sport”.

“With proper modifications and doctor’s approval, being pregnant doesn’t mean giving up what makes you happy and keeps you healthy.

Having a FitPregnancy also means, after the joyous occasion comes, your body is better prepared to handle the Postpartum. Your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. Taking care of yourself during those months will help when the lil one is here, and you’re trying to feel like yourself again, while trying to find some time to sneak in some zzz’s.

Monika was inspired by all the questions she got during her pregnancy, and decided to create a space where woman could come together where there was no judgement, only empowerment…”

You can check out the full interview here Fit Pregnancy.

Not only will I be writing a review on this studio by next week, but all my readers will get a special perk if you decide to come and take a class at one of the 4 locations (Hollywood, Brentwood, Santa Monica & Venice Beach). Stay tuned for that & I hope you enjoy the interview!


Monika Tournaud

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