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My newest anti stretch mark secrets & tricks!

My newest anti stretch mark secrets & tricks!

My latest tricks & secrets of avoiding these pesky stretch marks!

My newest anti stretch mark secrets & tricks!

Hi ladies! I’ve been so excited to write about this topic again, mainly because I have gotten a lot of question from you on what I’ve been doing to keep these pesky stretch marks away during my second pregnancy. So of course I wanted to share a quick little post with you & let you know what has worked so far (over 35 weeks now and not a stretch mark in sight, fingers crossed!)

A while back, actually in 2015 I did a post when I pregnant for the first time. I went over why women get stretch marks (genetics, rapid weight gain, lack of moisturizing) and you can check out this post here as well as the products that I used then that worked great.

This time around I am using various products in rotation not in any particular order, and all I can say ladies is LUBE IT UP! haha Your skin will thank you for it & even if you do end up getting these pesky things, I am a true believer that not doing anything will make it worse rather than doing something and trying to keep those growing areas moisturized. So here they are ladies, products I love & stand by this time around.. oh and all these products are SAFE for baby:

Bio Oil: I loved this oil back during my first pregnancy and I love this oil this time around as well. Its not too oily and I love using it right after I shower on damp skin (belly, butt, breasts, hips) pretty much anywhere! HA But I also love using it anytime my belly is feeling extra dry during the day. If you never used it before, the smell is pleasant and not over powering which is nice especially if you are about to go to bed. Its not too expensive, about $16 bucks at a pharmacy here in France.

Mustela Stretch Mark Prevention Cream: I found this cream in a local pharmacy here in France and decided to try it. I like it. Its thick & takes a while to rub it in (think of a it as a nice massage for your belly and baby 🙂 Smells nice which is a plus.  It’s a preventative cream that contains Avocado peptides, beeswax and shea butter. It’s about $30 bucks & very much worth it!

Biotherm Biovergetures Stretch Marks Prevention: It’s another preventative cream. Consistency is not too thick which is nice, the smell is awesome and I feel very hydrated when using this. I rub it anywhere where stretch marks can develop ( breasts, butt, hips, belly and so on). I have seen the smaller size of it for about $37 bucks, the one I got from a local pharmacy her in France is the larger size and I think I paid about $50 for it. Worth every penny and I think its a great cream to have in your rotation even if you are not preggo!

Dr. Alkaitis Nourishing Oil: I’ve only been using this oil since about January, but I had to put it into my repertoire of stretch mark regime. A few weeks ago I actually did a full review on this oil which you can find here, why I love it as well as where to get it, price and so on so make sure to check it out!

{Side note: All these products have lasted my whole pregnancy so far and I am not even close to running out, they go a long way especially if you are rotating them daily or as your skin needs more or less hydration}

Thats it ladies.. I wish I could invent a miracle cream that will assure that no woman gets another stretch mark again but unfortunately I don’t have that kind of power. What I am able to do it share with you what has worked for me in hopes that it will work for you as well. The key thing about using these is remembering a few things 1/Consistency! Make sure you don’t skip days of moisturizing. I tend to do it every morning when I wake up, 1-2 times during the day depending on if I am around the house or not and most definitely at night before bed where I spend a good 5 min massaging my skin with these oils & creams 2/rapid weight gain will make most women develop stretch marks, there is no way around it and no cream will help, so make sure to gain weight slowly throughout pregnancy 3/if you do get them, remember its not the end of the world, usually getting a little bronzed helps diminish the look of them in the long run as well exfoliating with a loofah & a good body scrub a few times a week! 4/At the end of the day remember that our bodies go through a lot in those 9 months being pregnant and in the end we create LIFE, so don’t beat yourself up about it too much.. do what you can and the rest, well look at it like marks of love~

Have a great week ladies & if you have any questions or comments or if you are using products that have been a  life saver for you and would like to share with the rest of the us, please do so below in the comment section! <3

Monika Tournaud


  1. Anna Hall 03/14/2017

    Great post, Monika! I started going back to the gym some time ago, when I realized I was sporting a pot belly. Oh, the horror, haha! As I never do anything halfheartedly and I am fortunate enough to have a body type that easily loses weight, I was concerned about possible stretch marks and saggy skin. I did some research, and ended up getting the “Tonic Body Treatment Oil” from Clarins. I am happy to report it worked like a charm, so now I have a (fairly!) flat and taut tummy and ZERO stretch marks. I also love its fragrance,, and it makes the whole bathroom smell divine. Have you tried it? If not, I can recommend it! I, too, am a lover of the Bio-Oil. If I ever find myself in the “blessed condition”, I will be sure to try the other products in your post!

    1. Monika Tournaud
      Monika Tournaud 03/14/2017

      Thanks! Funny thing is I used the Clarins Oil during my last pregnancy and the only reason I don’t have it with me is because it was quite heavy packaging so I left it in LA.. storage.. So sad! haha That being said the hubby hated this oil! He felt the scent was was too strong and would always comment things like “Oh its that oil tonight” hahah! But I agree with you, the oil itself is amazing and would definitely use it again! Bio Oil is amazing as well & its not as heavy scented and lighter in consistency as well. 🙂

      1. Anna Hall 03/16/2017

        Haha, that is so funny! Good thing I am a single lady then, so there will be no complaints from my significant other regarding the Clarins oil scent. My dog seems to like it! 😉 I can totally see how it could be a bit off putting if someone doesn’t like the scent. It is definitely on the strong side. And I agree, the packaging is REALLY heavy. Thankfully, I have these mini versions that I got as GWP (am of course a sucker for those!) so I bring one and just dispose of the bottle before I return home. You are right, considering the packaging and the scent as well as the quality of the actual product, the Bio Oil is probably a better product on the whole. Soon, I will go back to my usual body lotion, as I feel pretty good about where I am at fitness wise now and we’re going towards a warmer, less drying climate, and thank goodness for that! 😀

        1. Monika Tournaud
          Monika Tournaud 03/19/2017

          Hahaha Yes I too cannot wait for less drying weather, which its already starting to feel like it here in France!

          1. Anna Hall 03/21/2017

            Wish I could say the same for Sweden… It snowed like crazy yesterday. Today, it’s been super cold and windy. Ugh! Well, soon I get to move back to London, and then the extreme Swedish weather is probably a good thing, as all of a sudden, the weather in London will be divine in comparison. Always look on the bright side of life, I guess!

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