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MomEtc is back in action, this time coming to ya from France!

MomEtc is back in action, this time coming to ya from France!


MomEtc is back in action, this time coming to ya from France!

What a crazy 8.5 months it has been since I last posted on MomEtc. Where do I even begin? One of the last posts was about me starting another company. It was such a great experience & so much hard work. I learned so much more about myself & the people in my life for that matter. It’s never an easy thing to pick up and start something from the ground up, but we did it & it became successful very quickly. As you all know with success come hardships and as they say “more money more problems” boy is that phrase oh so true.

A few people have asked me privately & on social media if I am giving up the company due to going back to blogging, and my answer is no. The company is on a pause and our current clients and the overall company is being handled back in the US ( yes you guessed it I am back overseas) by my colleague. Which brings me to the next point in my post of life changes. My husband and I picked up our little family and left our very sunny life in Los Angeles and moved to France to my husbands family home for the time being. The goal is to “bring the house back to life” and in the meantime have our daughter experience life in another country & traveling. So we have been here playing remodel the La Tournadiere while still trying to enjoy all the wonderful things this city has to offer (hello Lyon capitol of food in Europe!). Not to mention the fact that we are so close to everything, just a short car ride or flight- new adventure we are ready for you!

As you see there has been so many changes good & bad, but they all made me end up back here again.   After taking a little “break” from blogging & focusing on my newest endeavor it was time to come back & pick this up again. Not only have I missed blogging & utilizing writing as an outlet in my crazy life but I realized that a lot of people around me who have followed my blog missed my posts as well (which is always nice to hear!) I was also very surprised that even though I was gone for so long my blog was still getting a lot of daily visitors – makes a gal proud!  Once I made the decision to come back it dawned on me that the blog itself needed a little makeover so after taking a few weeks to make sure everything works great on the backend & visually is eye pleasing here is the new & improved MomEtc– I hope you like the new setup and navigation. That was my overall goal to make sure the site is a bit more user friendly and accessible wherever you may be.

With all that being said, I look forward to new collaborations & meeting all the wonderful women out there as I have done so in the past. I will try to blog as much as I can, but unlike previously where I almost ran myself to the ground attempting to do 4-5 posts a week I am going to take it a little easy this time around & post randomly rather than a posting schedule. In terms of what I will be writing about be prepared to see a lot of Beauty posts (per your request) & of course the usual mommy & fitness stuff. Make sure to follow me on Instagram here as I post quite a bit there on there & most of my posts going forward will lead to all the blog posts on MomEtc. Thank you for reading & as always I appreciate any feedback  or constructive criticism you may have about the new lay out or if you are having problems with navigating the site either on your computer or mobile. See you very soon for a fun little post I’ve been working on; traveling with a toddler 🙂


Monika Tournaud

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