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Favorite baby products from the French Pharmacy!

Favorite baby products from the French Pharmacy!

Stock up on these French Pharmacy favorites for your newborn on toddler!

Favorite baby products from the French Pharmacy!

Hello lovelies & welcome back to MomEtc! Today I have a post for all the expecting mamas & those who have been at this for sometime. Since arriving in France I have had to say goodbye to a lot of baby products that I have become dependent & accustomed to in the US and find products that work for my baby/toddler across the pond.

Through some trial & error I was able to find a few items that I may need to stock up on before we head back to the US in the summer! That is how much I absolutely LOVE the goodies that I am about to share with you all. So lets not waste anytime and get to it.

Hair & Body Wash:

Weleda Calendula Shampoo And Body Wash is awesome for babies & toddlers as its very gentle yet effective. If you look on their website to find out what kind of ingredients are in these products they state ” you won’t find one unpronounceable synthetic compound or one toxic chemical.”  It is made with a gentle amino acid cleanser derived from fermented sugar and coconut as well as organic calendula extract and almond and sesame oils soothe and help maintain moisture. How awesome is that? I use this as a hair & body wash on my daughter & she loves it. It doesn’t irritate the eyes & the smell is so yummy! The retail price of this is around $13 bucks, a little goes a long way so this tube lasts quiet a while! Direct link here to shop their products.

Body Creams:

These two body creams/lotions are so yummy I look forward to bath time every night just at a chance to get my hands on them. Ever since my daughter was about 10 days old (I think thats when they tell you that you can start to bathe your newborn 1-2 times a week at that point) I would start a bedtime routine that always involved a baby massage. I truly believe that is one of the reasons why we have such a good sleeper on our hands. So even now that my daughter is 2.5 years old, she is used to getting massages from me before bed & I of course enjoy pampering her 🙂 I found these two lotions by accident when I was looking for a diaper rash cream (coming up next). I originally bought the Bioderma Abc Derm Cold Cream first and after using is it all up I ran back to get more. Forgetting what box it came in I then bought Bioderma Atoderm and realized when I got home it was two different ones… BUT I love both of them the same. Here are a few differences:

Bioderma Abc Derm Cold Cream: Normal to dry skin. It is very intensely hydrating and typically I use this this cream only at night after a bath (face & body). It is paraben-free & hypoallergenic. May be used on newborns, with the exception of premature infants it is that delicate! And did I mention the smell is invigorating? Cost of this quite large tube is around $10 bucks and you can get it at Amazon here 

Bioderma Atoderm: Normal to dry skin. This cream is rich but it is defiantly lighter than the cold cream & I tend to use this one throughout the day if needed for dry skin on the body. It’s great to use in the mornings before heading out to school for the face as its not too greasy. It is also paraben-free & hypoallergenic & can also be used on newborn with the exceptions of premature infants! Cost of this product is around $10 bucks as well but Amazon is currently out of it unfortunately. So options for this one is someone to ship it to ya from France or wait until its in stock again 🙁

An interesting fact about these creams from Bioderma: 60% of infants are born with a damaged skin barrier resulting in very dry skin : the risks to develop atopic skin with severe and recurrent dryness are high. Bioderma Atoderm Préventive Nourishing Cream Dermo-Consolidating 200ml allows, from the birth, to prevent the evolution of dry skin to atopic skin. Its Lipigenium exclusive complex is made of restructuring essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) and biolipids (ceramides) that are naturally present in the skin but are lacking in infants with dry skin. Biolipids imitate the organization of skin lipids and are therefore perfectly integrated into the skin, recreating a natural protective film upon application. They stimulate the production of lipids and proteins to recreate an healthy cutaneous barrier.

Diaper Rash Cream/Ointments: 

When we first moved to France Avery wasn’t even two yet & she wasn’t potty trained yet (stay tuned for next post on MomEtc about the easy steps on quickly potting training your toddler!). From birth she always had the worst diaper rashes, a few times we even had to get antibiotic ointments to help because the standard stuff just wasn’t cutting it. So imagine my reaction when we arrive in France and I had one tube left of butt cream! Few weeks went by and sure enough I ran out.. So off I go to the pharmacy and start testing out the goods. Here is what I think about both of them & why I will definitely be using these with my second baby!

Bepanthen Pommade: There is not much English info about this cream online – its a very “French” Product and its widely recommended by pediatricians. The consistency of this cream is a pommade so it helps to see the progression of the butt rash. Works very quickly. Its not too sticky which is nice, but definitely not light. Reminds me of vaseline. Applying this product consistently throughout the day I would notice the rash going away in a day or two. The price is about 6 Euros & I wasn’t able to find it on Amazon unfortunately. But if you are traveling through France & your baby or toddler get a diaper rash this is a great go to!

Mitosyl: This gem is great as well and I alternate between this one and the one above. This diaper rash cream has been used French moms for more than 70 years. Made with natural ingredients like Fish oil, vitamin A and zinc oxide. Highly effective and nourishing, popular french pharmacie product. This cream is white & pretty thick. It can be a bit sticky and gets on EVERYTHING so make sure to watch out. You can get this on Amazon here for about $10 bucks which isn’t bad. Especially since it works wonders on the baby’s butt 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this product review & have a chance to try this out if you havent already. If you have any questions, please send me a message or post in the comments section below! Enjoy <3

Monika Tournaud

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