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A new moisturizer I recently got hooked on & it just launched in March!

A new moisturizer I recently got hooked on & it just launched in March!

mometc_dej facecream review

D.E.J. Face Cream Review

Welcome back my MomEtc readers & happy Wellness Wednesday! I have been sharing some of my beauty secrets with you throughout this blog & today I have yet another little secret to share with you all…

You have heard me talk about Revision Skincares’ tinted moisturizer, which I never leave the house without, you can check out my post about this miracle in a tube here. Well, it just so happens that Revision just launched (in March) a new product to their wonderful line & its called D.E.J face cream. I have been looking for a new day cream and received this little gem in the mail from my friends at Revision Skincare so I had to share my thoughts on this product once I have used it for a bit. It has now been about 2 weeks and I love it!

It says that you can use it in the am and at night. I have been using it in the mornings only as I have a different cream for night (review coming soon) over my serum and before the Tinted moisturizer. I actually let the D.E.J cream slightly dry before I apply the SPF. Yes, I use them both & they are both awesome for different things. The SPF for the obvious sun protection and if you are like me, someone who doesn’t wear much make up. The day cream is full of powerful antioxidants, including THD Ascorbate, Vitamin E and Goji Fruit Extract to help smooth skin. Rosemary Extract, Ursolic Acid and a special form of Sunflower Seed Oil provide intense moisture. It leaves my skin feeling plump, soft & doesn’t dry me out, which I tend to be more on the sensitive side these days after having a baby.

To get this little baby into your hands and on your face visit to find a dermatologist near you who carries it. The price on this retails about $120 but its well worth every penny!

As always I would love to hear what kinds of products you are using that are working for you or products you are wanting to try. In the next few days I will be sharing more Beauty & Skincare secrets with you guys so stay tuned & thank you for your continued support <3



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