Battling winter dryness

If you are looking for products to help with winter dryness look no further, these five products will solve all your winter dryness blues!

Battling winter dryness

Hello all my beauty & skincare lovers! I have been so excited to write this post & share it with you guys. As most of you know I am currently in France where the weather has been very icky for the last few months since Fall has started. It has been a huge climate change not just for me as a person and my overall well being, but for my skin which has taken a beating. Being a California girl my idea of “winter” is 65 degrees F, not zero temperatures!

So I thought to myself, why not write a post about my current favorite products that have helped me battle this crazy winter dryness from head to toe! Lets start with the face & make our way down…oh and for anyone who is wondering my skin type is combination (but a little on the dry side in the winter months).

METACELL RENEWAL B3 by Skinceuticals 

This puppy has been absolutely amazing! I picked up this gem when I was visiting LA back in June over at my fave Spa in Beverly Hills called RoxSpa. I was already having a little dryness issues from the jet lag of travel and again the climate change. Orla the skincare guru (who works at the spa & I absolutely love & trust with my skin) recommended this for my skin & I couldn’t be happier that she did. Some of the promises that this product makes are:

*Promotes skin renewal by increasing cell turnover
*Strengthens skin’s moisture barrier
*Reduces the appearance of discoloration and blotchiness
*Lightweight emulsion delivers intense hydration without a heavy or tacky feel
*Helps improve the appearance of skin’s firmness

I have to say that it has done all of the above & more. The way I use this is as a serum. So before I apply anything to my face after cleansing I use this first before my moisturizer. You can use it day and night but I usually only use it in the mornings. The smell is pleasant. Texture is very light, not greasy and when you apply it on your face it absorbs pretty quickly without leaving your face oily yet still very moisturized.  It is a little pricey- $110 per 1.7 fl oz but well worth the penny. In the US you can buy it pretty much at any Med Spa, here in France you can actually get it in high end stores like Printemps as well as the local Pharmacy (more on this bad boy on another post!).

HYDRATING B5 GEL by Skinceuticals 

I absolutely love this little gem. I started using this about a year ago, and surprisingly this little bottle has lasted me a long time. As they say, a little goes a long way. It is very VERY hydrating! Enriched with vitamin B5, Hydrating B5 Gel replenishes nutrients skin needs to feel smooth and appear younger. This oil free moisturizer gel contains hyaluronic acid, the body’s natural hydrator, to help bind moisture to the skin. Hydrating B5 Gel complements a daily moisturizer to provide extra hydration or can be used alone as an oil free moisturizer, an ideal moisturizer for acne prone skin.

The way I use this bad boy is usually day and night, and depending on how dehydrated my skin is sometimes I use this with another form of moisturizer, other times I may just use this alone it all depends on the weather. So as I mentioned earlier a lot goes a long way they say to use 3-5 drops but its so potent that I usually do 1-2 drops. It’s a 1fl oz and costs about $82 bucks, so worth it in the long run. Same goes for this product as above in terms where to get it in the US or in France!


Let me just say that I LOVE this product. I have used this brand for many years and if you are interested you can check out my review on their Tone Control Facial Discs which is amazing if you are fighting Melasma (hyper pigmentation). Ok back to the oil. So whats amazing about this product is that its a dry oil, when you apply it it doesn’t at all feel oily. It makes your skin look so radiant & gives you a glow like you just got out of a facial! (Plus it smells super yummy too!) So whats in this product that makes it so wonderful?

*Borage Seed Oil A rich source of Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) which aids in cell repair and improves skin’s overall tone and texture.
*Yangu Oil Improves skin’s elasticity, suppleness.
*Marula Oil Infused with Oleic Acid which aids in hydration and skin barrier function.
*Passion Fruit Oil Improves skin’s elasticity while acting as an antioxidant.
*Argan Oil A deeply penetrating antioxidant rich in Vitamin E.

I use this pretty much daily. It actually works AMAZING under your makeup ladies! But sadly I am out of this oil and just squeezed out the last bit of it! I’ve had this tiny little 1fl oz bottle for about a year and a half and just ran out of it. So as you can see it lasts a long time especially if you only use it in the colder seasons. Now for the price…. drum roll… $150. YES its a little on the expensive side, but let me be honest, its worth it and your skin will love you for it. Now for the best part, where can you get it.. A lot of Med Spas carry it, or you can go directly to the source and order from their website here!


This moisturizer is something new that I’ve been using. I found it at a Pharmacy here in France and been using it for about 2 months. The smell is so intoxicating I love opening up the jar and taking a whiff haha! The texture of this cream/oil is just that; its a combo of both. When you put it on your face it doesn’t feel oily, which I like but it does what it needs to which is hydrate. So what ingredient makes this product so yummy? It called sea sugar (Marine ConnectumTM). It is a sulfated sugar coming from a marine microorganism which fights against dehydration to survive some of the highest salinity levels on earth. Demonstrating unique skin affinity, Marine Connectum™ repairs and restructures skin in four key ways:

*Instantly smoothes the skin surface
*Reinforces the skin barrier
*Boosts the natural synthesis of crucial lipids & proteoglycans
*Recreates the ideal skin cohesion for better nutrient exchanges

The nutritive repair of oils fused with the lightness of a honey-like gel-cream. The highest concentration in nutritive natural oils, similar to that found in a butter, yet in the freshest possible gel texture.

I use this moisturizer day and night, depending what my skincare routine looks like or how dehydrated my skin is. I have noticed its really nice using this at night along with the Illumino Face Oil by Colbert MD. Again you only need a little to massage into your face. The jar itself comes in 50ml. Price here in France is about 50 Euros give or take a few euros. In the US I am not sure where you can get it, or what store sells it, but you can always try Amazon… Or if you have a friend whose in Europe make sure they pick you up a jar or two 🙂


So now that we are done with keeping the face hydrated, my review wouldn’t be complete without including something that is good for the rest of your body. This lotion is amazing, it has 3 different types of oils in it: Musk Rose Oil, Passion Flower Oil, Apricot Oil & pure extracts of apricots, and same delicious smell as the face cream! I love using this right after I get out of the shower and my skin is still damp. It absorbs pretty quickly, but because it has various oils in it, it gives your skin a nice shine without it feeling or looking too greasy (hello dry oil!). I think this product is a little more easily attainable in in the US than the face cream for some reason. I defiantly saw it on Amazon for about $35 bucks. Not sure if stores carry this or not. If you are in Europe or here in France you can buy it from your local Pharmacy!

I hope you ladies enjoyed this review of the various products that I love currently that have helped me fight the winter skincare blues 🙂 If you have any questions about any of these products or have products that you’ve been using that have helped that you love , feel free to comment below & share your findings! Have a great day lovelies <3

Monika Tournaud


  1. Anna Hall 12/08/2016

    Thank you for the fabulous reviews, Monika! Oh, I just LOVE those Biotherm products!!! Have you tried Biotherm’s Lait Corporel?…/hydration-BIO1033053.html That one is my absolute favorite which I have been using for 20 years. That Blue Therapy face cream is just divine, and I use it with the Blue Therapy serum. Have you tried it? Soooo good!!! For my skin, I find the white bottle of the body lotion to be more hydrating than the orange one, actually, even though the orange one is the one intended for dry skin + I am addicted to the scent. If you haven’t tried it, I can wholeheartedly recommend it! I just wanted to let you know that all Biotherm products are available through the official website linked above. I always shopped through that when I lived in LA. For people living in the US, it is a good idea to sign up for their emails. They always run amazing offers and promotions with lots of extra free gifts as well as free shipping. Might be good to know for your U.S. readers. Now that I live in Europe, all the Biotherm products are thankfully readily available at all the usual outlets. I haven’t tried the products you reviewed from Colbert MD and Skinceuticals, but your reviews have certainly made me want to try them!

    1. Monika Tournaud
      Monika Tournaud 01/09/2017

      Hi Anna!

      Thank you for the update! That will definitely make it easier for some US based readers to order their products! Thank you for your kind words & I hope you check in with us if & when you try the other products from the review, they are worth the buck 🙂 As a side note I will be posting a lot more reviews AND giveaways in the coming months so stay tuned!!!

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