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Rise and shine ladies! This morning I couldn’t wait to share this post with you all. As most of you know recently I became a BurnThis Ambassador. It was such an honor to become a part of such a global movement. If you are unfamiliar with this company, it is a community for all the health & wellness lovers out there. It also helps if you love Social Media like I do!

BT (3)

Not only does this App motivate you with amazing posts of encouragement, but it also brings out a sense of creativity. At least for me it did. The posts that I make daily are mainly focused on fitness, eating well, personal Zen, family, goals etc. Once you are done posting it actually stays with you for a while, makes you really think about what you just shared. A sense of appreciation as to what you have in your life, a time of reflection. It also allows you to be a part of other people’s journey’s in life & fitness, seeing people transform daily or weekly by staying fit, eating clean and motivating one another. Where has this App been all my life? I feel like it was made for me!

Another cool feature of this App is that there are many collaborators within the fitness and wellness industry that run different Challenges. If you participate you have a chance to win cool gear, get discounts off merchandise or services and so on! Talk about a perk right?


I have been on a fitness journey myself, as most of you have I am sure. It is not easy; it takes work, motivation and a drive to succeed. Not for anyone else, for you! If you are looking for a little extra help from people who are on the same path as you, head over to ITunes or the App Store and download BurnThis immediately! You will be addicted by all the love & support you get & most importantly by how much more inspired and motivated you will be. Ok so get off this page, download this App & make sure to follow me and all the other Fitspirational motivators out there! Happy Tranfsormation Tuesday, make that change today <3





Monika Tournaud

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